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Par Avion provides air-based tours from Cambridge Airport, in Tasmania’s south.
Par Avion have a fleet of aircraft which provide the most experience’s in the most special and remote parts of Tasmania including The East Coast, including Wineglass Bay and Maria Island The West Coast, focusing on Strahan and Macquarie Harbour and the South West, focusing on the South Coast, Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey
Par Avion are mainly known for their full day and overnight tours to Melaleuca, in the remote Southwest National Park. Tasmania’s Southwest National Park is the state’s largest and the most remote. It is the focus of the World Heritage Area, which covers 20 per cent of the island.
The area is only accessible on foot, by boat, or by air, and when you fly in you know you are entering an ancient Jurassic world.
Southwest National Park is dominated by jagged peaks and densely forested valleys, which open into button grass plains.
The area faces the full force of the Roaring Forties and includes an enormous waterway – Bathurst Harbour, which opens into Port Davey and together they are larger than Sydney Harbour.
With a focus on both FIT and Group, they can also provide both a per-seat price, or customised tours to cater to any budget.


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115 Kennedy Drive Hobart, Tasmania Australia 7170
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