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Cascade Brewery – Tours

Tour Guide speaking to group inside fermentation cellar
Tour Guide speaking to group outside the Cascade Brewery
Tour group walking through fermentation cellars

Jump on a Brewery Tour to learn the art of creating one of the nation’s oldest beer recipes, from start to finish, while you explore previously unseen areas of the brewery. Finish your visit with a refreshing tasting paddle of four Cascade beers.

Or if you have a thirst for History rather than beer, join one of our Historic tours. From humble beginnings, a succession of dreamers and doers have diversified and refined Cascade Brewery from a mill by a stream to a fountain in the foothills, quenching the thirst of generations. Though long since gone, these custodians of Cascade have left their marks upon the site. Stand where they stood and see what they saw. Join us as we unbottle our past and tap a tale or two of this iconic Tasmanian institution.


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