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Federation Artisan Chocolate Richmond

See chocolate bars being made at Federation Chocolates factory near Port Arthur Tasmania
Federation Chocolate make their chocolate in Tasmania  from bean all the way to the bar
Federation Chocolate also make a large range of unique and flavoursome praline chocolates
Every Man and His Dog Vineyard Home to Federation Chocolate
Come and Enjoy Wine and Chocolate Pairings
Make your own chocolate blocks
Chocolate Boxes from Federation Chocolate
Maurice Shows the Magic of Chocolate Making
Wine and Chocolate Pairings
Where Wine and Chocolate come together

Federation Artisan Chocolate is a charming establishment situated at Everyman and His Dog Vineyard, conveniently located at 1314 Richmond Road in Richmond, just before the Richmond Township. This delightful venue combines a chocolate factory, shop, and cafe, offering visitors a truly unique chocolate experience.

At Federation Artisan Chocolate, you can indulge in a variety of delectable treats. One of their highlights is the chocolate and wine pairing, where they create harmonious combinations using grapes grown on-site. Whether you prefer a rich chocolate platter, delightful sweet treats, or a comforting hot drink, they have something to satisfy every chocolate lover’s cravings.

Maurice and Helen Curtis, the passionate owners of this establishment, are dedicated Bean to Bar chocolate makers. Their love for chocolate knows no bounds, leading them to scour the globe in search of the finest cocoa, which is ethically and sustainably grown. Their commitment to excellence ensures that each chocolate sensation they create is decadent and unforgettable.

Visit Federation Artisan Chocolate to embark on a journey of chocolate discovery, where craftsmanship and passion come together to create truly exceptional chocolate delights.



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