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The Wilderness Sauna on the Tasman Peninsula

The vineyard views
Inside the sauna
Overlooking vineyard
Inside the sauna 3.6m of seating both sides
The spring water  icy tub

Wilderness Saunas aims to provide health/wellness and cultural sauna experience set against the backdrop of Tasmania’s natural beauty. Their business is reflective of the Tasmanian brand the ‘quiet pursuit of the extraordinary’.

Wilderness Saunas have created Australia’s largest barrel sauna, one that is entirely mobile. With customer experience as the core focus of the business, they aim to become both a jewel of the state’s tourism industry as well as health and wellness sectors.

The traditional wooden sauna has a large viewing window to sit back, relax, and enjoy a fire-heated sauna. Designed and made from salvaged timber in Tasmania, it offers an experience for your health and wellness while enjoying nature and social interaction. We look to plant one tree for each sauna session run for a regenerative approach to business.

In collaboration with a small boutique vineyard, we are overlooking Impression Bay on the Tasman Peninsula. Close to the 3 Capes Walk and Port Arthur.




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