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Coal River Valley

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Coal River Valley

On Hobart’s doorstep nestled in a valley between the townships of Cambridge and Richmond snakes the fertile and picturesque Coal River Valley.

Originally the Valley served as one of Australia’s first food bowls, a tradition that continues today although in a much more contemporary and comfortable form. The stretch of road may only be a 15 minute drive, but contained within is a microcosm densely packed with some of Tasmania’s finest orchards, vineyards and market gardens and the friendly but unconventional families that run them.

The journey ends at picturesque Richmond, a township steeped in fascinating history and famous for its elegant Georgian architecture.

It’s the shortest distance you’ll travel to completely escape the city and be transported to another time and place.

In the Valley, you’ll find extraordinary people, quietly making extraordinary things.

Farming is tough. You need family, resilience and an innate ability to adapt, not just to climatic conditions but historical ones too. Down the years the Coal River Valley has been inundated by floods and scorched by fires. With history and soil in their veins leaving was never an option for the families of the Valley. But innovating was. Traditional wheat and sheep have been replaced by world class (and world recognised) wineries with restaurants to match, perennial crops of the finest fruit and veg along with cider, cheese
and chocolate to die for.

Now visitors come for lunch and stick around for tales of the valleys unique heritage.

There are two kinds of family in the Valley – your immediate family and your Valley family. Sharing the good times, and the bad, the Valley family has been able to rejuvenate the land utilising cutting-edge contemporary methods amongst the tradition. And wherever you find tradition you’ll find tales worthy of telling. Search out these stories and you’ll find they’re usually told with humour as dry as a Coal River Sauvignon Blanc.

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